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Hey there, I am Petra – founder of The Rebels Den, author, artist and coffee enthusiast.

I know from personal experience how challenging the creative path can be, for those that don’t fit into the mold we’re told to squish ourselves in. The advice we get who tend to be utterly strategic and do all things logical don’t always sit well with us.

You might even start feeling like making a living from your creative pursuits isn’t even possible – not for creatives.

It’s my mission to help you let go of fears + doubts and tap into your creative being to live a life on your terms.

The Gathering is an online community for creatives to connect, share ideas, get support and learn everything you need to remove frustration in your personal life and reduce overwhelm in your business endeavor.

I know that as creatives, rebels and multi-passionates we tend to walk the path of the lone wolf quite a bit but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Come and join us in the Gathering and let’s make this the year your creative dreams become a reality.

And all of this, the lack of commitment, discipline and mind chatter, is keeping you exactly where you are hoping for that magical moment where your goal falls into your lap. 

One of my clients came to me because that is exactly the support she needed. It was time to sort out what’s getting in the way of doing the work and making her goal a commitment to achieve and accountability hasn’t hurt anyone. 

When you stop allowing other things to interfere and you are willing to make a sacrifice for a little while, you can achieve some amazing things. 

Let’s cut out what’s getting in the way for you to be committed and disciplined and make your goal a priority and face the mind chatter head-on so that you can without a shadow of doubt feels worthy and deserving of achieving your goal. 

What is the Gathering?

It’s a small yet mighty community of creatives, rebels and multi-passionates from around the world, all working on building a life they love doing things that light them up.

This is your den where you can come for support, inspiration, practical trainings and answers to your burning questions.

The perks of being a Pack Member…

Get clarity on your creative dreams + goals

If you feel unfocused and overwhelmed, it’s time to put an end to that. You’ll get complete clarity around what you need to do in order to turn your dreams into actionable steps and achieve your goals.

Learn the skills required

You’ll have the trainings to go step-by-step to getting there through the Masterclasses and resources in the Rebels Den Academy that guide you into implementing and doing the work. 

Make it happen!

At every phase of following your dreams + focusing on your goals, you have the community and myself here to support you. Feeling stuck? Feeling overwhelmed? Want to binge on your favorite show? Just drop a message and we’ll help get you back on track.

Get your questions answered

Whether you have a technical question, need feedback or advice about life and business? We’re all here to help you.

You don’t have to be a lone wolf!

But is it right for YOU?

Being a creatives, rebels and multi-passionates means different things to all of us and we find ourselves to be artists, authors, designers, illustrators, coaches, consultants and so much more. 

What brings us together however is creating a life on our terms, doing what we love in ways that feel good to us.

It isn’t fun to always be frustrated and stuck on what to do with your life when you’re told to go the linear route but you’re path is more like a drawing of a 2 year old – squiggles all over.

Following your dreams + goals isn’t an easy feat and will challenge you in ways you didn’t consider possible.

The doubts that creep up writing your first book, or the fears that emerge from starting your own business or the parts where you wonder if you could have a solid relationship with yourself and those around you – and finally stop hiding those brilliant quirky parts of you.

My mission is to give you the tools, resources and support to help you go the next step and one of the crucial things I’ve learned over the years as a lone wolf is that having support is key. There is no shame in asking for help – in fact – it’s actually something we all could do more of.

I don’t believe in failure. I do believe that whatever step we take will get us closer to what we want by teaching us what isn’t working for us and sending us clear messages of what we don’t want.

In every moment, in every decision you do the best you can with what you know and there are no right or wrong answers but possible solutions that could make all the difference in your life and ripple through your dreams + goals.

Become a Pack Member today

The Gathering is a 3 months commitment and you’ll have the option to rejoin or never return again – although I’ll be sad, but we all grow and move on. 

Choose the level that makes the most sense to you! 

Level 1

Private Discussion Forum

Ideal for creatives, rebels and multi-passionates just starting out on their journey, feeling a little lost and in desperate need of some support from like-minded pack members. This is the heart of the Den: an online community where we cheer each other on, collaborate and connect.

Level 2

Ask Me Anything

Get access to Ask Me Anything. You send in the questions and I will answer them in videos that are accessible in the community. 


  • Private Discussion Forum

Level 3

The Rebels Den Academy

Gain access to my ENTIRE library of courses, classes, templates, cheat sheets and so much more! With new content being added regularly! 


  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Ask me Anthing

Level 4

Mastermind Group + Co-Working

In these Mastermind sessions we get together bi-weekly online for a chat about what we’re working on, share our goals and work as a group on any challenges we might be facing. Co-working will be on the alternating weeks.


  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Ask me Anthing
  • The Rebels Den Academy 

Level 5

Monthly 1:1 Mentoring

Get the whole kitten kaboodle + a monthly chat 30-minute with Petra. This is your time and you can use them in the best way you see fit in terms of mentoring and coaching.  


  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Ask me Anthing
  • The Rebels Den Academy 
  • Mastermind + Co-working

Enrollment is currently closed!

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Hi I’m Petra Monaco – coach and consultant for creatives, rebels and those just wanting to do their own thing. 

When I first decided to go after my dreams and focus on my goals, it was easier for me to make excuses of why I couldn’t make things happen, staying stuck in overwhelm and becoming the worlds best procrastinator. 

And then my life turned a bit topsy turvery after my son’s diagnosis of a potentially fatal genetic disorder. 

While it might sound a bit cliche, there is truth in life is too damn short to not do the things you want to do and achieve your dreams + goals. 

I went from being frustrated and overwhelmed creating a life that not only fits my personality but allows me to stand in intregrity. 

Instead of making excuses of why I can’t write books, build a business, and create art, I started taking action and doing all the things I have always wanted to do!  

And I learned to be who I am unapologetically. 

I am sharing this with you because whatever you tell yourself you can’t do is just you lying to youself. You are capable of following your dreams and focusing on your goals! 

When other’s have worked me with, this is what they had to say! 

Michelle McClintock

Petra has an amazing energy, spirit and honesty that provided space for clarity and removing stickiness from my life. She is warm, smart and compassionate coupled with a fantastic laugh that inspires you into action and reming doubt.  

Lulu Ackerman

This is why I love you!!! You call bullshit when it’s needed! Since our talk the other day I have made a CONSCIOUS effort to CHOOSE how I feel, to CHOOSE to let go of the shit I’ve been holding onto that I thought I let go of a long time ago, whoops guess not! lol and to put myself out there even more, not let a damn thing hold me back from the life I want and deserve and I’m feeling fanfuckingtabulous!!!!

Sonya Z

Thanks Petra for reminding me it’s ok to say no and put myself first! You have wonderful ideas on implementing ways of setting boundaries with others! 

Brenda Laser

In the world full of juggling way too many things and not taking the time to set goals or do the self time. We owe it to ourselves to be able to manage our day to day lives. For many years, I have known Petra and she has always had big dreams and goals. Petra is the perfect example of how to get there and knows the steps first hand on doing it. Not because she read a book, but because she has persevered through what only some of us hear about. 

Tobi C.

Petra and I talked about what’s been blocking my path to greater success with my business.  In just one half hour session, she gave me some very good simple ideas to use everyday to help me achieve both my personal and business goals. 

Aishwarya Lakshmi

Petra is a breakthrough coach. She opens up anything old and unneeded within you to help you jump and leap into all of who you are. She helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps. This in turn creates greater courage and realness that comes from within. I can’t thank her enough. I will of course stay in touch and connect with her should anything else come up.  

Julia R. 

I thought I knew what Petra was going to share with me, boy was I surprised! She listened to me, without judgement, and gave me things to take action on right away that made a real difference. Feeling overwhelmed and putting myself last was my daily reaction to everything that has to be done, and I thought I had dealt with a lot of these things a long time ago. Petra’s help inspired me to set up a new framework so that I can get things done AND take care of me.

Laura D. 

Our session really helped me understand that it’s actually perfectly normal to be in this complex situation and to have a multi-layered approach to finding a solution to what I’m going through. I think I was looking for an “either-or” , and when doing so, when I would get frustrated,  I would throw everything out the window. Now when I feel a little overwhelmed, I breath and realize that I’m taking the right steps and eventually things will be more streamlined. You really helped me to feel not alone and normal in my own right. 

Jehey Vy

I had a wonderful session with Petra with invaluable insight. Her understanding gave me a much-needed boost to enact changes in my life. Much gratitude! 

The Gathering Mastermind is for you if:

  • you are ready for support + are open to learning new things
  • you want to feel part of a community of like-minded people
  • you are not causing yourself financial stress by investing
  • you commit to showing up, doing the work and taking full responsibility for yourself

The Gathering Mastermind is not for you if:

  • you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself
  • you just want one-on-one coaching
  • you need someone to do the work for you.
  • you don’t know how to behave with respect and loving kindness.

If you wait for the “perfect moment,” you can bet it will never come. Life gets in the way. We create more excuses. Our goals keep getting shoved to the back burner.

So forget about waiting for the perfect moment to begin, because that moment is NOW…

Enrollment is currently closed!

Our next round begins in June. Sign up to be on the waitlist and be the first to find out when we’re opening the doors!

You have quetsions, I have answers!

Send me an email here support@therebelsden.com with any questions that you have.  I may take up to 48hrs to get back to you!